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Underfloor Heating
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Underfloor Heating

J W Jones are specialists in providing underfloor heating for the home and the benefits for householders are many. Combined with the new Renewable Energy Products, underfloor heating can significantly reduce your home heating bills by as much as 40%.

Far more cost efficient than conventional radiators, which heat the top of the room first, underfloor heating operates at lower temperatures distributing heat up in a uniform way to create a warm cosy environment that prevents cold spots, creates space and adds immediate and significant value to your home.

Overlay Floor Central Heating System

Overlay installations allows 'underfloor heating' to be installed as a "built on" rather than "built in" solution. This can be a particular advantage where access during construction presents difficulties.

Overlay works in the same way as underfloor and is connected to manifolds and controls like other floor heating systems for whole floor installations, alternatively it can be used for single room solutions, e.g. conservatories, bathrooms or loft conversions.

ThermaSkirt Skirting board heaters

J W Jones are also specialists installers of Thermaskirt skirting board heaters. Many products claim to be 'heated skirting' (or baseboard heating) but they are in fact convector radiators designed to be installed at skirting (baseboard) level. ThermaSkirts unique features:

  • 20mm (3/4") profile - the slimmest product on the market, and consistent with existing skirting and door architrave mouldings.
  • Choice of colours and finishes - 4 different profiles (and more on the way!) in a variety of painted and timber finish (even oak!)
  • Energy efficient - Only ThermaSkirt has been independently tested against radiators & proven to be more energy efficient. (BSRIA test No 51397/1)
  • Low & high temperature performance - suitable for heat pumps, solar and conventional boiler systems.
  • True radiant healthy heat like UFH - no slots grilles or fins that get clogged and move dust and spores around by air convection.
  • Rapid, controllable response times - heats the room in minutes and can be tightly controlled on & off, reducing your fuel bills.
  • Works with any floor construction or finish - why smother your heating system with timber floors or carpet? ThermaSkirt works perfectly in any situation.
  • Up to 6m (20') walls in a single length (and end-to end connectors for walls > 6m) - minimum joints and connections for aesthetic perfection.
  • 10 year warranty - Limited liability warranty on wet parts and connectors. (Typically 5 x that of radiators) . Removable bottom covers (LT, TS & OG) - hide your computer, audio & TV/speaker cables away
  • Removable top gasket - simple painting & redecorating without masking off
  • Neat & Discrete controls - only ThermaSkirt has the skirting mounted TRV valves (TRV-free manifold remote control option available)
  • Silent operation - single piece extrusion and colour moulded covers ensure no ticks, clicks or bumps in the night!.
  • Increase the value of your property - Did you know that 'radiator free' houses command a 10~15% premium over conventionally heated dwellings? (Source McCann Erikson 2001)
  • Simple installation with minimal disruption - connects easily onto existing pipework for retrofitting (radiator replacement kits available)


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